Compass Corp.

Accommodation Management Business

We support individuals and businesses entering the accommodation industry. We provide a one-stop service from preparation all the way to operation, ensuring that valuable real estate assets are utilized safely, securely, and effectively while meeting all legal requirements.

Travel Business

We organize tours nationwide providing international guests visiting Japan with a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the country. Centered around small-group tours with experienced local guides, we aim to deliver the "WOW" factor to our guests and increase Japan's fan base.

Kimono Rental Business

We offer authentic kimono rental and dressing services to Japanese and international tourists, as well as for traditional Japanese events like coming-of-age ceremonies and Shichi-Go-San. Through high-quality kimono packages and top  of the line hospitality provided by our kimono dressing experts, we aim to pass down kimono wearing culture to the next generation. Currently, we have 8 locations nationwide.

Area Produce Business

Utilizing the expertise and networks cultivated by our Compass Corp. businesses, we provide project management and consulting services, focusing on guest and local perspectives, to revitalize tourism and create a connected population throughout Japan.

Guide Community Business

With the motto of "Creating a Culture of Guiding in Japan," we aim to elevate the status of the profession by operating a comprehensive guide community. This community includes guides, travel companies, tourism associations, and tourism operators. Currently our ever-expanding network contains over 2700 guides throughout the country.

Media Business

We operate the Japan Wonder Travel Blog, a media platform catering to inbound travelers visiting Japan.