Compass Corp.

Mission Vision

Leading Tourism in Japan,
Connecting Culture to the Next Generation

After facing three years of uncertainty navigating the enigmatic risk of COVID-19,
Japan is now on the verge of embracing a new era of tourism.

Compass Corp. was established with the aspiration of becoming a guiding presence leading tourism in Japan and connecting culture to the next generation.

We aim to enhance the tourism experience,
make Japan more vibrant,
and connect the charm of its people and regions to pass on the culture to the next generation.


佐々木 文人


Fumito Sasaki

Have you heard of the three great inventions of the world? In the Renaissance period around the 15th and 16th centuries, three inventions – gunpowder, letterpress printing, and the compass – not only influenced European societal changes but also had a significant global impact.

The widespread use of the compass marked the beginning of the Age of Exploration. It facilitated the era of maritime exploration, enabling the transportation of various resources, including food, to distant places and promoted an increase of human interactions and cultural exchange.

As Japan's birthrate declines and the population ages, it is estimated that the population will fall below 100 million by 2050. Amidst the shrinking domestic demand, the Japanese government enacted the Basic Act on Promotion of Tourism in 2007, designating tourism as a vital policy for Japan in the 21st century.

Although the tourism industry has undoubtedly been affected by the impact of COVID-19, the innate desire for travel remains deeply ingrained in human nature.

As Japan sets sail once again on its journey to become a tourism-oriented nation, we founded Compass Corp. with the vision of becoming a leader in tourism and passing on the culture to the next generation. Japan boasts a diverse range of attractions that include nature, history and culture, food, and of course the people who live here. It's truly wonderful that even after living in Japan for decades, one can still experience new excitement. By bridging these attractions with people worldwide, we strive to create a spiritually and economically rich society.


WOW Surpassing Expectations with Excitement
OWN Taking the Helm, Challenging, Creating Value
NOW Valuing the Present, Acting with Speed



Sasaki Fumito

After working for Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., he joined the Boston Consulting Group. During his tenure, he was involved in new business development and sales reform projects, and contributed to the expansion of corporate sales and improvement of business efficiency. He left his job after getting married and founded Knot World Co., Ltd in 2014 after a year-long honeymoon around the world. He has been in his current position since 2023. He is a national certified interpreter guide and a general travel services manager.

Board Member, Head of Accommodation Management Business

Katsuaki Sawahata

He became a top salesman in the automobile insurance division of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, and then started his own insurance agency and began to support his clients' core businesses. In 2013, he participated in building a residential area as sales manager and contributed to its growth to 250 homes in five years. Since 2018, he has served as the President of AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd. and has been in his current position since 2023.

Board Member, Head of Travel Business

Yu Kono

During his eight-year tenure at Dentsu Inc. in the Newspaper Department, he planned and implemented new projects and campaigns utilizing the assets of the newspaper company. After leaving the company, he traveled around the world for a year and then founded Knot World Co., Ltd. in 2014. He has been in his current position since 2023. He is a national certified interpreter guide and a general travel services manager.

Head of Kimono Rental Business/Marketing Manager

Yoshihito Takakura

He has worked mainly in marketing at Shiseido, a cosmetics company, and Take and Give Needs, a bridal company. He then worked for DLE Inc., an entertainment company, where he served as head of operations, COO, and CEO of a subsidiary. He served as a company executive and head of sales and marketing at CBcloud, a logistics startup, and has been in his current position since December 2023.


Takuma Morikawa

After working for a marketing research company, he joined Eureka, Inc. in 2014. Since then, he was involved in the development of the well known app Pairs, implementing the initial construction of the payment system and machine learning modeling of the search function, and helping out with the overall back-end functionality. In 2018 he became the Head of Development of Pairs, and then became their Chief Architect in 2020. He has been in his current position since December 2023.


Mari Kusuhashi

After working for a consulting company, she worked for Recruit and Persol Holdings, assisting in recruiting in the IT and Internet industries. In 2017, she joined 17LIVE, the operating company of a live-streaming app from Taiwan, from the launch phase of its Japanese subsidiary. As HR Director, she oversaw organizational strategy, recruitment, and culture development among other things. She has been in her current position since October 2023.


Takahisa Kuyama

At Goldman Sachs Japan, he was involved in M&A advisory and underwriting of funding in the investment banking division. From 2021, he worked in the investment division of Midas Capital where he was involved in sourcing deals, evaluating corporate value, DD, contract negotiations, and other investment considerations and support for investee companies. He has been in charge of the startup of Compass Corp. since December 2022, and has been in his current position since January 2024.


Company Name
Compass Corp.
[Head Office]
3rd Floor, Ginza Kobiki Building, 7-16-21 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[Kyoto Office]
8th Floor, Goshohachimancho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-0825
December 2022
Fumito Sasaki
JPY 100 million
Business Activities
・Accommodation Management Business
・Travel Business
・Kimono Rental Business
・Area Produce Business
・Guide Community Business
・Media Business


December 2022
Establishment of the precursor, Inbound Consortium Co., Ltd.,
December 2022
Acquisition of Kimono Rental Business from Wagokoro Co.,Ltd.
April 2023
Company name changed to Compass Corp.
June 2023
Announced Merger with Knot World Co., Ltd. and AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd.
August 2023
Completed merger with Knot World Co., Ltd.
August 2023
Headquarters relocated to Ginza Kobiki Building in Higashi-Ginza
October 2023
Completed merger with AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd.
December 2023
Capital increase of 400 million yen through third-party allotment to funds managed by Midas Capital Co.