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Notice Regarding Completion of Merger with AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd. and Relocation of Head Office

Compass Corp.(Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Fumito Sasaki) is pleased to announce that the merger (hereinafter referred to as the 'merger') with AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Katsuaki Sawahata) was completed on October 1, 2023.

Compass Corp. was established in December 2022 through Midas Capital with the goal of becoming a leading company in the tourism and inbound sectors of Japan, and in the same month acquired a kimono rental business from Wagokoro Co.,Ltd. The number of international visitors to Japan is rapidly making a comeback as border measures against COVID-19 have eased, and the overall market is expected to continue to grow. Under these circumstances, in order to achieve greater growth in the tourism and inbound sectors, Compass Corp. has implemented this merger to diversify its services, expand management resources, and strengthen recruiting competitiveness. In October 2023, the company also merged with AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd. and following this merger, it will have the following businesses: Accommodation Management Business, Kimono Rental Business, Travel Business, Area Produce Business, Media Business, and the Guide Community Business. To achieve the mission and vision of "Leading tourism in Japan and connecting culture to the next generation," Compass Corp. will continue to actively utilize M&A to expand the company.

AirTrip Stay Co., Ltd. has been operating under the brand name "AirTrip Stay" up until this point, but will change its brand name to "COMPASS STAY" in conjunction with the merger. Along with the name change, the service website has also been redesigned.

Compass Corp. will continue to enhance lodging facilities to accommodate the increasing number of travelers throughout Japan through the utilization of real estate, including cultural assets and idle facilities. With the shortage of human resources in the tourism industry making headlines, the operation of unmanned lodging facilities will also contribute to increasing the length of stay and the amount of usage in all regions of Japan. In conjunction with the merger, the company also relocated to a new location in order to further accelerate the speed of business growth and promote flexible business expansion. With the merger and the relocation of the head office, all employees will continue to work with dedication and devotion, aiming for further growth in each of the company's businesses.

【New Head Office Details】

〒Address: 3rd Floor, Ginza Kobiki Building, 7-16-21 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

About Recruiting

Compass Corp. is currently actively recruiting for the following positions. There are also other positions not mentioned below. If you are interested, please apply through our corporate website.

Recruiting Information URL:

【List of Available Positions】

Accommodation Management: Sales, Owner Support
Travel: Department Manager, New Business Development Department Manager, Area Producer, Operations Manager, Operations Staff
Kimono Rental: Business Promotion Staff, Promotion Specialist
Area Produce: Consulting Staff
Marketing: PR Manager, Web Marketer, SNS Operations Specialist
Corporate: Head of Administration, Head of Human Resources, Recruiting Manager, and more